How Can It Improve Your Health?

We’ve all heard about the much-touted health benefits of blueberries, grapes, and other berries, but you may not have heard of the unique compound they contain — pterostilbene. What are the benefits of pterostilbene for your health?

As an emerging antioxidant that’s getting a lot of attention, pterostilbene is chemically related to the more well-known resveratrol. However, studies show that pterostilbene may have even more powerful effects!

Resveratrol boosts heart and brain health, promotes normal blood sugar, and supports a strong immune system, but pterostilbene does those things more effectively and with better bioavailability.

What Is Pterostilbene?
Pterostilbene (trans-3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxystilbene) is a phytochemical (plant chemical) that’s produced in response to injury and infection. Research also suggests it might have therapeutic benefits for humans.

Pterostilbene — pronounced “terro-still-bean” — supports graceful aging, normal blood sugar, cognition and memory, mood, and a healthy weight.

Both pterostilbene and its cousin resveratrol are in the same class of molecules — stilbenes. If you want a little chemistry lesson, pterostilbene has two methoxy groups (a methyl — or CH3 — bound to oxygen) instead of hydroxy groups, which resveratrol has. This makes it more “lipophilic” (fat-loving) than trans-resveratrol, and it passes through cell membranes more easily, which is to say it’s more bioavailable.